Michael Olson Photography

Michael Olson-Photography

I have spent most of my career in the field of Graphic Arts, closing in on 33 years.  My passion is nature photography but I have found too many other photographic subjects to limit it to just nature.  I am a graduate of Ferris State University with a B.S. in Graphic Arts Education and it was while in college that I first developed an interest in photography.


I have been fortunate enough to win several awards for my photography including some 'best of show' awards.  A portion of my work is used for commercial purposes but I also create 'fine art photographs', and it is in the making of my 'fine art' work that my joy is compounded.  I believe that being made in the likeness of my Creator...He has instilled within me an unquenchable desire to expose the beauty found around us.  Creating an image that causes us to 'celebrate life' brings great satisfaction and joy.


I am in awe of the many great photographers that walk this planet and use cyberspace to teach and motivate.  It is through their willingness to share of their craft that I have been both inspired and challenged.  It is their selfless giving of their time & knowledge that has made me a better photographer.  I have a link page on this site and have included the websites of many of the photographers that have been instrumental in my growth as a photographer.   For them I am thankful.


In addition to my photography, I wear many hats...son, father, husband, grandfather, brother, employer, friend, adventure sea kayaker and disciple.  With each of those hats come a combination of challenges, responsibilities and blessings.  I am grateful for each.


I believe that a photograph can tell us much about the photographer and I trust that through my photography you will get to know me.  Ultimately though, I hope that you will be inspired to know intimately my savior, Jesus.  He is worthy.