Michael Olson Photography

Michael Olson-Photography

This collection of photography is my attempt to show the world I walk in, in an artful way.  It's what I see when I go poking-about.


The images are also my attempt to give proper and most deserved praise to my awesome Creator God.  His name is Jesus...and He said that if we wouldn't give Him praise...the very rocks would cry out with it.  As I look around this natural world, I believe they already do.  In fact, I believe all nature sings His praise in a mighty way.  I hope that my captured images in some small way reveal His character...His great love of beauty, His wonderful imagination, His sense of humor, His power and His great love for His creation.  This world is for us to enjoy and His desire is for us to be good stewards of it.  May we be found worthy.


There are some images on this site that are not nature related.  These are the images I capture when I just can't help myself.  Occasionally an image concept will come to mind...or I might just happen by a life event that begs for my photographic attention.  I look at these images as celebrations of life. Beauty in the simple...delight in the otherwise mundane.


Photography brings me great joy.  It is my cheap therapy.  There is a greater joy though, and my vision for this website is to share that source of joy with you.  This joy I'm talking about is one that comes from the understanding of the redemptive work of Jesus on the cross of Calvary.  I understand that He took my place.  For that I am eternally grateful.  My worship and praise of Him is the result of a heart overflowing with gratitude for the furious demonstration of His love and grace toward me.


It is my desire that you don't simply admire His creation, rather, that through the exploring of His creation you come to an intimate relationship with the One who loves you so much.